Whats important to know?

Make sure to backup your seed and keep it in a safe and secure location.
If you lose your phone or logout of ioPAY app, you can recover your funds only with your seed.
Anyone with access to your seed can control your funds.

import funds from a paper wallet?

Inside the ioPAY app navigate to ‘settings’.
Scroll down to ‘Load from paper wallet’.
Scan QR code .
The process will transfer the funds from your paper wallet to your ioPAY wallet.

wallet seed or secret phrase ?

Its best to backup both your seed (random string of 64 characters) and the secret phrase(a string of 24 random words) .
Although they are the same, in most cases the seed is the preferred format for most wallets and services. 

change representative?

By default the wallet has a preset representative.
To help decentralize the network you can become a representative or change your representative to a representative of choice from here.
More details on how to become a representative.


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